Monday, November 22, 2010

{Tea ~ Hat ~ Question for the Day}

I am a Lipton Tea fan, but I am enjoying seeing red in the canister.
I knew he wanted a "hat". But I didn't know any other details.
After a text to his dad with an attached picture. . . the reply. . .
That's Cool. He says.
Really? Are you sure? I say.
It's not ghetto? I say.
No. It's just trendy. He says.
Okay. I say.The Happy Hat Wearer.
Buddy says, "Dad who is the chef of the police dept?"
"Chef? you mean Chief?
Keith Jackson.
"Okay", Buddy says.
Mom & Buddy are okay.
All is well. . .


Rachel said...

You are too cute. And they hat is adorable, not ghetto! Have I mentioned how much I love your children even though I think I freak them out?

Tonia Hobbs said...

Hey you! I told Brad you might come tomorrow and help me. . . he wanted to know if you could come tonight! I told you my house is a mess!!!!!!

Rachel said...

haha! It could not be as bad as my room, I promise!! Don't even worry about it, we will get everything done :) I will stay as long as I need to!

tracy said...

cool hat! Collin told me he got one!