Friday, December 10, 2010

{The Big Guy}

I am really glad it is Friday. 2 of my 3 have sleepovers (God Bless us all!). . . and, well, I am just almost giddy. How Rude (as I gasp for air). . . not to get them out-of-my-hair! I am just excited they will have some fun.
It has kinda' been all businessy around here lately with dr appts, and such.
I have a weekend full of Mom-Taxi-Duties going & taking here & there,
but then on Sunday I will hear my kids sing about our Sweet Jesus
(which reminds me I need to get Lily an apron. . .quickly like), and it will be a precious sight.
I Love Burning Candles.
I Love Christmas Cards.
and. . .
because it's bright & cold outside I shared some holiday cheer
with The Mr.'s "Big Guy" (since he's in the garage and all).
Talk More Later. . .

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