Wednesday, December 8, 2010

{Tonight my friend. . .}

Rachel says to me, "I can always tell when you are really busy because you don't blog." And.She.Would.Be.Correct. Just a tad. . . busy.
So, for your reading enjoyment I have a few thoughts to share.
First, I should thank you for reading.
Geez, you are really cool for coming back for more.
I have been waiting to hang a wreath, no I take that back, I have been waiting for a screw to be drilled into the top of my door (so I wouldn't have to use a wreath hanger ~ because I pledged to our painter that I never would. . . I think I even said, "Scouts Honor."), so I could hang wreath with some nifty fishing line. But.That.Just.Never.Was.Going.To.Happen.
And then, like an angel ascending from the heavens, I seen a clear wreath hanger with a rubber door protector doom-ma-floch-che at Yeagers.
This Aromatique Christmas Scent is wonderful, and what makes it even better it is
from my friend Miranda (a-runner-friend).
My little sparkly snowman is cold outside, but he keeps on shining!
Don't you love a positive attitude!
I do.
The main reason for this completely random post is to share the comic relief I
received from Darby.
She was saying they were, "Business up front (white lights) and party inside (colored lights)!!!
That is so us!!!
Business up front!
Party in the back!


Mom2Three said...

Love the big tree out back!!! It all looks pretty, I will have to do a drive by at night to see it! :)

Jessica S. said...

I absolutely LOVE this post, it's so you and I LOVE YOU! lol
Crack me up.

Rachel said...

Just so you know, what your house looks like at Christmas is exactly what I have in my mind that Christmas should look like!