Wednesday, December 8, 2010

{My Runner Friends}

Saturday we woke bright and early and headed to the
Chamber Yule Run. (not before we got donuts)
At the time I put this on my calendar I didn't
consider Drill Weekend (I planned to attend the run alone), so the kids were thrilled.
We all had a good time though, and seeing the runners cross the finish line is just
fun, fun, fun.
(I mean it is fun as an onlooker, the runners look like they were in much pain)
I have a few runner friends.
If I wasn't so tired I would tell you about them.

I will share with you what they all have in common. . .
They go to bed super early.
I will share more later.

1 comment:

SheWolf said...

Thanks for being there Saturday morning! It was nice seeing your smiling face at the finish line!!