Thursday, December 16, 2010

{The Story about a BedSide Table & Refrig}

I was wondering why I felt so rough this morning. . . I slept with this horse last night.
That's a first. . . and hopefully the last.
You can tell alot about a person by looking at their bedside table.
The story mine tells at the moment is. . .
Unorganized & Chaotic.
Other thoughts of mine include. . .
Is this owl not the most adorable creature you have even seen?
I savored every last page of these.
I attended Buddy's Open House this morning.
I said, "Buddy this morning is your Open House for Mommy!"
He said, "But Mom I don't know how to make an Open House."
Poor little dear.
Oh My. These are way to wonderful for my own good.
These are just two of the empty bottles I gathered. . . wonderful! I say!
I redecorated the top of my refrig today.
Now the real question is . . .Why?
Of all the things you have to do. . . why?
But none the less.
I added these 3 old jewels.
Talk Later Lovelies.

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