Thursday, December 16, 2010

{Toothbrush ~ Craigslist}

Check out that sweet little red sweater boy in the middle of the circle. So cute.
Just a' smiling.
Now, I have brought you in the bathroom to talk to you about a lamp. . . but first I notice. . .
no toilet paper and the toilet needs flushing. I will have to tend to that. . .
Anyways, I have decided this lamp looks much better with the "2 State Region" shower
curtain than the diamond lamp. Better is good.
(pardon the cords and such. . . I haven't figured all that mess out yet). I was starting to stress because I was yet to find my
winter uniform at Wal-Mart.
But, like angels ascending from Heaven, there they were.
Rollback Baby.
$10 . . or.I.would.have.a.very.large.stack.
but I am extremely grateful for 1 (uno).
Outfit for my Girl Party. Complete.
Still working on the Frig. . .I know The Mr. wishes I would put
as much effort on the inside. . . but that's not near as much fun.
Are you looking for a lovely photo ornament?
Good ole' Dollar General $1
Has anyone ever told you to brush your eyelashes with a
toothbrush? I am anxious to know. . . I guess I missed something
because this purple lovely is in the trash.
Since its the holidays and I have nothing more to do than
to piddle. . . I have started rearranging/changing/etc. Clayton's room.
See those baseball gloves? Those were my dads. That
baseball is sitting on my grandmothers ancient Bible.
Just a little mixin'-and-matchin'. I need some sort of big/dark/tall (sounds like a man, but not at all what I am talking about)/glass/perhaps piece of furniture.
Something that would work as a
TV Stand/Desk/and Decor Galore Holder???
Therefore, these two pieces are on
Craigslist. So we'll see.
Just keeping things interesting. . . .


Rachel said...

I also need something "big, dark, and tall" but much more like a man than what you are talking about! I love the fridge, and a secret about the toothbrush...I never could figure it out either, so I bought a tube of mascara with a brush as big as a toothbrush...and wallah!Big, beautiful eyelashes (not that I'm bragging or anything) Anyways, now that I've left the longest comment in history, I will see you tomorrow? We have some party decorating to tend to right?

meeksmiles33 said...

Love the ornament...