Thursday, January 6, 2011

{Beyond a Good Mail Day}

The only thing that would've topped this mail day would've been
personal note cards.
I adore note cards from my friends and family.
They make me shine. Florida & Pottery Barn.
A for sure treat. . . but. . .what I really couldn't get
enough of was Ballard.
I am a Ballard fan, but I sometimes tend to skim quickly through the pages
because it all looks like white creamy milk in a glass jar (really good, but the same).
But not today.
Look at these adorable doggies.
(I adore dog decor. . . that sounds like a good poem.)
The chair. And then. . .
This bed. Oh my. Oh my O my.
That window is the real deal.
Who woulda' thought?
Those round baskets on the wall!
Why do I only think chips & salsa when I see those?
That French Flag Pillow has my name all over it.

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