Thursday, January 6, 2011

{I'm certain none. . .}

of you had the same problem. . .
I am certain all of your husbands were
delighted to store-away your 20+ totes of
Christmas decor?
These pics of Clayton pretty much sum up the story. . .
I am not sure why he has his whole arm over his mouth??
Is he trying to keep from laughing at his dad
(which I am sure would result in some sort of cruel and unusual punishment)?
Is he gasping for air over all the choice words that were used
(just kidding. . .we never get out of line around here :) )
I know for sure what this picture means. . .
"Mom, why are you taking pictures while Dad is doing this?"
This was some real holiday magic!

1 comment:

meeksmiles33 said...

Love it! This is the Griswolds after the holidays... Is that the correct name?