Monday, March 28, 2011

{The Eggers}

I heave-ho'd (he is solid concrete) this little guy a'top my mailbox. 
and then I immediately thought of The Eggers.
They visit about
once every three months, and shower us with eggs
and profanities on our vehicles (actually The Mr's).
Now, I like my car, but I pretty much
have a love relationship with rabbits so I
hope they will spare the little guy and not
see fit to knock him off.

Best Wishes Little Rabbit.
May you remain standing holding your basket for many years.


Jessica S. said...

I LOVE that! and I love the sweet potatoe vine that's in the basket! so cute and springy! now if the sun would come out you would be set!!!

Rachel said...

I love the rabbit! And you should booby-trap your driveway for the eggers. :)

SheWolf said...

Are you serious? They visit you multiple times? UGH! People can be so mean and rude!
Here's to a long life for Mr. Rabbit!!