Friday, March 18, 2011

{Welcome Friday. You are a good thing.}

Today I am cleaning a house for a dear friend, she 
calls me on occasion to tidy up.  I have cleaned houses off and on since I was in
High School. And that has been a bit. . .so I am a cleaning professional. 
The last time I cleaned for her, I peered out the window and the lady next door
was folding her clothes at the kitchen table. She was very neat and orderly, and for
some reason it looked extremely peaceful to me. 
I folded my clothes at the dinner table for 2 weeks after that.  But, guess what?
It didn't prove to be a peaceful experience for me because I didn't put them away after
I folded them. . . so dinner time was a real joy.
Corn with a side of clean underwear please?
Napkins were real handy though. 
So I went back to dumping them on the couch or bed.
I am glad spring break is here. I plan on planting. cleaning. painting this and that.
and .
of course.
Spending time with the kids. 
I better get going.
These pictures are from my latest travels. . . to Fort Smith
(I didn't want you to think I had been on some exotic hiatus)
And if gas prices don't go down I wont even be scooting to Fort Smith as much. 
That's okay though, I don't need to go anyways. 
Welcome Friday.  You are a good thing.


Sherry Drennan said...

Where in fsm? I want the little lamb picture. How precious would it be on an easel for spring?

Gabby Jones said...

OH my where did you go? I want some of that stuff!