Thursday, April 7, 2011

{My Stuff}

Hanging out with Mom at work. 
I love that book, and heres a little knowledge for you. . .
In Bible days
new-born babies were rubbed with salt and wrapped up in "swaddling clothes" - like 
wide bandages.  People believed that this would help a child's legs and arms grow straight. 
My desk at work is. . . messy.
Honestly, I like a messy desk.
I like all kinds of things and stuff around me.
I am a digger. I like to dig. 
I am not a big fan of stacks.
but I have alot of stacks. 
Stacks & Doodles.
I love my doodles. 
and my pictures. 
and my notes. 
and my books & music. 
and my shells.
I like to take the beach with me wherever I go. 
Chocolate & Lotion. 
More notes. 
I purchased these adorable little Cat Keyboards last week. 
I think the kiddos liked them.
Talk Soon.

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SheWolf said...

Love the notes--too cute! :)