Wednesday, April 6, 2011

{In My Next Life}

Last week Shaina invited me to lunch at one of my most
My little hands found little shells. 
I love this place.
I drive thru and do my "Lake Lot Lookin" probably about. . . oh. . . I'd say. . .
about 3 times a week.
That figure might be a tad conservative. 
Water.Sand.Swing Sets. Pinic Tables. 
It's dreamy. 
And believe it or not. . . it's in Greenwood
But the great thing about it. . . you dont feel like you are in Greenwood. 
I think thats why I like it so much. (: 
The man above is the perfect picture of Sheer Determination.  It was so loud with
our crew the poor guy wasnt ever going to catch a fish, but he kept on trying.
I love that. . . Never Quit. . . just move on. And he inventually did move on down the bank a bit. 
Clayton was in Heaven the whole day.  He skipped rocks, played basketball,
and dug in the sand.
He had tears when we left. . . he's my boy.
I always cry when vacation is over.
(In my next life I will be on permanent 
I will wear a big brimmed hat. 
and drive one of these.

Thank you Shaina (and Barb!) for a great day!

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