Monday, April 4, 2011

{Saved, Baptized, and a Big Rig Driver}

Well, I got my kids up early, made them a big ole' breakfast, and then. . .
got them to school on time.
I was practicing for next weeks test.
I did well. I did well.
I didnt see her or her.
and I think maybe I was ahead of her.
Thank goodness I dont have to compete with her. . .I think her kiddos
probably always get to play outside, mine can only dream.
But I am ready now. Game on. Bring it Benchmark.
Oh yes, I even made a phone call to her!
In other news, Flat Stanley has returned from Virginia!
He went to visit some of my most favoritest people!
He had to leave a week before they found out if they were having a
Boy or Girl!
Bless his heart, but we told him as soon as we found out!
It's a girl! 
He got to drive a Big Rig. 
I think our Flat Stanley's, including Clayton's
(if you can remember his went to
could possibly be the only ones
that are saved, baptized, & have their CDL.
Good stuff.


Leesha McCants said...

Hahaha! I Love it!!!! I hope Lily enjoyed it, we tried our best to make it fun for her!

Tonia Hobbs said...

She did love it! Thank you guys so so much!