Wednesday, May 18, 2011

{Deception is insidious}

Deception is insidious.  Satan, the author of evil, the father of lies, is the master of deception. 
He weaves his crooked lies to confuse, distort, and ultimately deceive and destroy.  His greatest
weapon is our rationalization.  When we depend on our own consciences or even the traditions of the
church unchecked by the Word of God, we stand precariously on the precipice of delusion.  Rationalization is the easiest form of self-delusion.  Through it we turn from the absolute standard of God's Word that provides an unfaltering foundation for our feet and turn to the limited insights and wisdom of human experience and knowledge.

Before making small, seemingly insignificant choices that could later lead down paths of misery and regret, remember to hold the truth of God's character and Word.   By this we can make choices consistent with our love for Him and be spared the heartache of sin's inevitable consequences.

Just a little snippet from a book I am reading. . .Talk Later.

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SheWolf said...

Great post! What book??