Friday, May 20, 2011

{Lilys 8th Birthday Party)

Sweet Rachel made her cake for her. 
Thank you Rachel!
It was just lovely. 

We had such a sweet 
bunch of girls at the house 
much of our family was able to make it too 
so that was nice. 
Lily is blessed with many friends. 
Everyone brought their Aloha Spirit! 
We celebrated Hawaiian Style! 

Kate, Lily, Emily, Madi, and Katelyn 
below is Caylee and Paige
McKenzie (girl in long pink dress)  is one of Lily's "BFF's". . .
I think they might have the same personality. . . 

Cole, Connor, Clayton, and Mark

(Even the boys had fun. . .perhaps more than the girls! Silly boys.)

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Rachel said...

You are welcome! I loved making it! And the party was lots of fun too :)