Thursday, June 16, 2011

{I need a support group}

All my little precious cranky campers are back home with me.

In bed. . . as they should be.

I have decided I need to join a support group for people that want to live on the water and can't stop thinking about it.
Would you be there? (Random statement, but none-the-less its true)

One other thing, this Casey Anthony trial has got my eyes glued to the TV. Convict already. I have got to get moving.


Stacy Carter said...

I dream of the beach daily! I'll be at support group! :)

Shannon said...

Sign me up! I have it so bad this year! :(

Jessica S. said...

I would soooooo be at the support group....first year in a long time I have not been able to make the trip to San Destin....booo hiss. it makes me sad..

Mom2Three said...

I'll be at the group too!! I want to go back so, so, so bad!!!