Tuesday, June 14, 2011

{what it is. . . is what it is}

Am I the only one that doesn't feel like its "summer break" yet?
I am not referring to the heat, but just. . .
lazy days
burgers & dogs
sno cones
sleeping in
I really hope I am going to find summer break soon, but so far I am really not feeling it. 
What have I been doing?
I spent my morning with two of my sweetest friends
digging in Gods Word.
We are making a reference Bible for our kiddos. 
I sent my Clayton and Lily to camp. 
Crying a tad when each of them left. (So what.)
We took a trip to Branson (no pictures, Can you believe it?)
Feeding the big puppy. . . The Mr. . . gone . . . again.
(I do believe he should be able to save the world with all the training he receives.)
Cook-out with some sweet friends.
A visit with another sweet friend. 
Work. . . and more work.
A little laundry sprinkled here and there.
Baseball. Lots of baseball.
The gym. (Yes, I'm going. What? You cant tell?)
Bought 4 lbs of lunch meat. . . who does that?
Nobody liked 2 of the 4 lbs. . . Cajun turkey & roast beef. (Who knew?)
Sweet girl excited to leave.
Sweet boy who was left behind.
He appears happy in this picture but he really wasn't. 
Took care of a sick boy.
We actually started our summer with the stomach virus, Carson.
His sweet little friend E. Williams made him a little "Get Well".
Card and Necklace.
And he loves it. 
Had my car carpet shampooed.
That was nice.
That was actually a week ago, and I have yet to put the floor mats back in. 
This is the most absolute worst and terribly confusing post I'm sure, but
what it is. . is what it is.


Cathy said...

I know what you mean about "finding summer break". I've been on break for two weeks now, and have been busier than ever! Go figure!

I'm very interested in your reference Bible for kids. It looks like such a neat idea! Can you elaborate on that some more, please?

Jessica S. said...

i just love this post. its really REAL and it's just YOU...and I love you =) so what's not to love? haha ok i'll stop saying love now. but seriously... =)