Monday, July 25, 2011

{Be a Slack Cutter, not a Slacker}

Tonight The Mr. was promoted to a Sargent.  I am excited and happy for him.
But a tad apprehensive. . .things have been hard (for lack of a better adjective) at his work for
the last few months.  My "human feelings" could run rapid on here, but not only

would that be wrong of me, I know first hand how words can hurt.
 Even if I say "Sticks and Stones, Sticks and Stones" over in my head a million times. . . they still hurt.
People need love.
People need people to cut people some Slack.
So I am going to be a
Slack Cutter not a Slacker, but a Slack Cutter.
Sweet Buddy got some more CaKe!
We love cake.
It was YuMmy.
He is his mommy's son.
Good food=Smile.
Sissy Girl.
Okay, even SwEeTer than the cake. . .
Ta Dah!
Brad got a promotion, BUT
I got a gift!
How cute is this!!!
Thank you Tara W. for my Beach Cruiser!!!
It is complete with surf board.
Clayton missed tonight, due to having his feet in these
on the field. I hated for him to miss. . .
I am almost loaded up ready to go see my sister! If I was smart I would've took a pic of these
prior to loading them. But they are fabulous chairs my sister bought
last time she was here but she could fit them in her car.
I am going to deliver them to her.
I must admit I am secretly hoping she will change her mind on them
I am in LOVE with them.
Shhhhh. . . our secret.
No coveting.
Just love.
See ya!


Mom2Three said...

Congratulations to Mr. Brad!!! How exciting!!

Jessica S. said...

Congratulations to Brad!! That is awesome! I love the pictures of you guys! SO good and you look fabulous!!!!

Katie said...

Aww so true about the slack cutter thing! And I have to agree with Jessica your hair looks awesome!! Congrats to you guys!

Stacy Carter said...

Congrats to the Mr!!!! Miss seeing y'all!

SheWolf said...

Congratulations again to Brad--he deserves the honor so much! We love you guys! And I am so glad you love your little beach cruiser!! :)