Monday, July 25, 2011

{Catwalk, Work-It}

I have been a tad MIA, but life has had me here and there, more there than here. Ya know?
I dropped this Bright "H" in the yard earlier, perhaps it will bring some life to my dead crunchy yard.
I am leaving in the morning to see my sister in Little Rock.
 I made a copy of a picture of us from one of our past visits, so I am
excited about getting it to her. 
This is one of my projects from early summer I don't think I ever shared.
I just bought the inexpensive Apple Barrel paint from Wal Mart and went to town.
I did put a clear sealer over it, but I have enjoyed them the 5 seconds I have
spent in my backyard this summer. 
I had to text my neighbor earlier to borrow some hair spray. . .
Its called Catwalk Work-It (this should be interesting)
I am going to fix my
hair. Yes, it is a special occasion. The Mr. is supposed to get a promotion at the
Police Dept tonight. 
I guess y'all heard about The Puppy getting out. . . since it was on the news and all.
It was a great night to be at The Hobbs. . .
We will talk more soon!


Rachel said...

LOVE the new flag.

LOVE that you get to see your sister.

LOVE that Brad is getting a promotion.

LOVE that the hair spray is called Catwalk, when I feel like that is exactly the sort of thing you've been needing in your life.

LOVE you!

SheWolf said...

Where did you get your flag? I have been searching high and low for a new one--mine is so faded.
So glad Remy is alright!