Wednesday, July 6, 2011

{The Bee Club. . . Who knew?}

I had the most lovely conversation with one of our nursery volunteers this past Sunday. 
 I adore talking to older folks. . .really makes me wish I would've visited with my
grandma more. 
Danny Y. is a beekeeper. 
He only has 2 hives, but he is full of knowledge.
Did you know a bee has to come in contact with 50,000 flowers to make one lb of honey?
Did you know there is a Bee Club? There is!  The Club has about 150 members and
they meet once a month. Every month. 
The most fascinating thing I learned was hands down about the Queen Bee.
Did you know the Queen Bee does all the work?
I should've known. . .

After church he brought me a treasure!
Honey. Dan's Honey.

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Jessica S. said...

aww, how sweet! (no pun intended) and how interesting!