Thursday, August 18, 2011

{1st Day of K for Buddy Boy}

These two had a "great" day!  
She is so sweet and explains every little detail so they
will understand what to do.
Carson was so so excited.
I cried last night.
I cried this morning. (not in the school building)
Last night (I TRIED NOT TO) I started crying when I was tucking Buddy in bed and
he said, "Its okay, Mommy, I will stay home with you if you want me to."
Love the picture above because I can tell he is grinning ear to ear. 
He didnt want The Mr and I to walk him in!
He walked way ahead of us.
Buddy and Dr.Cop Stew 
Car Ride. 
Bright Sunshine Morning Shot. 
One excited little boy! Ready for K! 
(pictures are obviously backwards. . . I used to be so good at getting that right!)
 (ad that to my list of epic fails)
Great job Buddy!
Mom and Dad are so proud of you!

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Mom2Three said...

Oh, made me tear up too!! That will be me and my little Coop in just 2 short years.... :((( Love theses baby boys, they know just how to tug on a momma's heart!