Friday, August 12, 2011


This past week in preparing for Back to School, I
thought I might as well 
toss in my yearly exam. Why not?
I seen Dr. K Phillips (he delivered Clayton), and it was so good to see him.
He was by OB until we had insurance changes, and I just never returned.
He was great to talk to since I am in the 35 range, and things continue to get more interesting.
He was talking to me about the above procedure. . . do you guys know anything about it? 
(Pardon the "Date Stamp" courtesy of Lily)
After my appt I visited the health food store.
I scoured the store like a detective looking for a hair sample, but it is still a mystery to me.
High Prices.
Some sort of odor that is familiar to Burt's Bees. . . but different.
Vitamins and Minerals.
Strange Names and Brands.
Strange Colors and Packages.
But I will get to the bottom of it.
I purchased some coconut water. . .interesting. . .very interesting.
BUT it does have more potassium than a banana so. . . good choice. 
Buddy Boy made a "prayer request" paper plate holder at church in his new class. 
Precious.  Precious.  Precious.
I scooped out my name and The Mr's.
Thank you Lord! I need all the prayer I can get. 
I love this Snuggle. Glad I stumbled upon it at the Dollar Store! 
Give it a try if you need a little sparkle in your life.
My sweetie-sugar Meeker Family brought me back a gift from their awesome
vaca! Would you just look!?! KEY LIME BABY!
Would you just look!?!
(not as much as my toes, but my name is great)
Thank you, Shaina! What a Sweetie you are to me!
The rain started, and I started burning it down. . . my fall candle. 
Do I win first place? or have y'all been burning it down too? 
This is our last HOORAH summer!! We tried to go swimming at one
of my friends fab pools but we were RAINED out. No problem, bring the rain.
(pardon the date stamp, once again, 3 years behind)
We enjoyed and took full advantage of the $2.50 movie all summer long.
With the heat, and number of children I am typically tote-n', the
"cheap-sticky movies"  has been a lifesaver.

Heres to Saturday, Sunday, and Back to School Monday!


Ashhog said...

Love the thought of fall!! Love the name in the sand...Shaina is a sweet friend!!

Jessica S. said...

I love this post...and I have some fond memories of that "cheap sticky movies" haha. That was the happening theater when I was that age! =D and I love my name in the sand too!! we always get a picture of our name and date in the sand and our hands and feet prints! haha