Sunday, August 14, 2011

{The Lone Rangers}

Sometimes I wonder how its 
even humanly possible to fail like I do.
Remember "Pap Smear" day?? Well, that was "K Open House" day!!!
So here we are today at our private little Hobbs Open House.
Mr. Jim even made a Razorback for us out of the new play dough. 
Carson emptied all of his supplies and put them away. 
(These pics are backwards)
We all marched in like little ants. 
Carson picked out his backpack.
There he is with his little KinderMat. 
When  we got there I said, "Lets go Buddy and see your class!"
Lily says, "What day were we supposed to do this Mom?" 
"Just don't worry about it, Lily." I said. 
Thanks Mrs. Cox  for
meeting the Lone Rangers today.
(Hopefully this is no indication of how our school year will be)

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