Saturday, August 27, 2011

{"Mom, this is a good day isnt it?"}

Look! Buddy's first bus ride. Yes, tears came, but I got myself together
before I entered Fair Civilization. 
We had the best time together.
Walking and Looking.
Looking and Talking.
(I am not sure who tucked in his shirt?
Maybe him?
Maybe Mrs. Cox? 
The thing does go to his knees. Cutie.) 
We both liked this prize-winning watermelon.
The "tractor tipping" tractor. 
Checking out all the animals. . . 
smelly animals, might I say. 
A monkey got on his back, snatched his water bottle, and turned
the thing up and drunk it!
I stopped breathing.
Buddy didn't even flinch.
He is officially our most laid-back child. 

Lots of little hands. Sweet. 
 Buddy said, "Mom, this is a good day isnt it?"
I said, "It sure is, Buddy."

Its so neat watching your kids grow, learn, and make new friends. 
Fair Time
Buddys 1st K Field Trip
Mrs. Janet Cox Class

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