Saturday, August 27, 2011

{Pray for Charles}

Before school started  I had the opportunity to serve a meal
at the Salvation Army.
I enjoyed working alongside these amazing women who love the Lord.
I am thinkin' A. Hancock might be one of my H-E-R-O-E-S.
She has an amazing testimony and is doing great things for God.
When the song says, "Here am I, send me." she aint just humming along to the beat.
I asked her how long she has been coming to FBC Greenwood and she said
about 2 years. Man-O-Man. What regret I had.  I should've been
soaking up her friendship like a sponge.
She will be leaving for Belize soon.
My Sweetie Sherry.  I think the both of us wanted our
kiddos to have an opportunity to wear Jesus skin.
and they all did so great!  They were so helpful and kind.
I really pushed Buddy, he was shy and timid at first.  I asked him
to give everyone a napkin, and he was very hesitant, but when he ran out he
ran full speed to me to get some more. 

I plan on going back soon and I hope to take some families from the nursery and
my Sweetie Shaina.

God is doing great things through the Salvation Army here.
Will you join me and pray for Charles, the director there?


Shannon said...

Oh!! Take me, take me! I was on the receiving line several times growing up and would LOVE a small chance to give back a little!

Jessica S. said...

This was an incredible oppertunity! I can't wait to go back! =)