Sunday, September 25, 2011

{Chai Tea & The Ugly Vein}

I might have already blogged about this before but its worth repeating. . .
I am
Vanilla Chai Tea.
Have you had it before? Lovely.Lovelies. 
Okay.So.You.Know. . .
how I told you jeans will be my new best friend. . . 
I finally broke down and visited the Dr
"that has passion for veins"
(Let me just say her clinic alone is worth the visit).
I have varicose veins.
The RX?
Support Hose.
3 months. and then some sort of surgical procedure.

(I love this piece of furniture)
Back to the point of the visit. . .
The DR is great, and serious about what she does.
This sounds ridiculous, but I am semi-excited about my journey.
Gotta laugh to keep from crying, right? 
So, if you have some vein issues check out this place,
but be prepared for them to take a picture of your mug. 
So does anyone else want to swallow your pride, and
share your "ugly vein" issues?


Mom2Three said...

Girl, there is no pride about it! Ha! 3 kids, 9mths each, 30, 40, 50lbs with each, as you can tell it got worse with each one! Add in a lot of swelling, A LOT, and it all = veins!!! I have them too sista! :)

Jessica S. said...

i havent had any kids and im only 23 and IIIII have vein issues!!!! their not too bad yet but they've definitely popped up. i have Peripheral Edema. it's swelling of the tissue especially in lower limbs due to the accumulation of fluids. since i've had it, more and more veins have appeared. (i dont know if there is a connection) i take a water pill for it and i ALSO have support hose!! i only wear them when i feel like my legs are looking pretty rough or if their hurting but when i first got them i was supposed to wear them all day and they.hurt.a.lot. their super tight! but they really work. no shame in it girl! it's life!

SheWolf said...

I am RIGHT there with you. I thought about visiting her clinic....glad to hear the good review. But yes, 3 kids and age and they are there. I HATE the one in my foot. UGH!!