Thursday, September 22, 2011

{Happy Fall Y'all}

The Mr. says it is starting to look like a "fall festival" around here, and I say "thats good". 
I really dont need more cobwebs, but its nice to have a festive one vs a real one. 
Delicious smelling soap. 
Cute little pumpkin head has been with us a few years. 
I am still working on the mantel. . .
I need some more things out of the attic, but I havent been able to catch
my help lately.
I am enjoying the twinkle lights though. 
I am enjoying Fall and the cooler weather so much.
I love jacket weather.
AND. . . jeans are going to be my new best friend. . .
I will explain in a bit.
Happy Fall Y'all!!

1 comment:

Jessica S. said...

i just love those twinkle lights so much. Makes me wish i had a mantel. =)