Wednesday, September 28, 2011

{The Mail Toss Up}

Well, my support hose arrived today. . .Its a toss up. . . I cant decide if its a
"Good Mail Day" or not?
I am thinking more no than yes. 
I was able to take my kids to school the morning we left on our staff retreat.
Lily couldn't find her shoes, so I took care of that before I left.
I went in Clayton's room to pick up wet towels and turn off the lights
(yes, I am trying to raise responsible adults)
and I noticed his i-pod missing. . . so I left him a note questioning that. . .  
And last but not least, Buddy. I wasn't able to attend his breakfast celebration,
but I let him know I was so proud.
We left around 10, and had a wonderful time! 
Isn't the office lovely?
I thought it was sweet.
Tom handled all the particulars. 
Jacque and I shared a "cabin".
It was just as lovely as the office. . . a tad damp feeling and smelling, but
lovely still.
I will share more later, but I got in a fight today with a shirt and
I am tired.
Good Night.

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