Monday, September 19, 2011

{Morning Issue with a Tight Piece}

I stopped by the church this morning just for a second.  Semi-makeup. Ratted bun. Work-out clothes. Black. With Navy flip-flops.

I had every intention of leaving to go to gym. home. back to work at 11:30. Well. . . didn't make it. So, now in all my glory I will enter Staff meeting looking all so lovely. Geeze.

But you know what bugs me. . .
When you have your hair up and you have one "tight piece" that pulls.  You know what i am talking about?  That "tight piece" has given me a headache on top of all my other morning issues.

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Jessica S. said...

i SO KNOW THE TIGHT PIECE! ha! i hate that stupid thing and it always happens when i have my "messy bun thing" looking just the way i want and don't want to move it or mess it up (lol). it gives the worst headaches too.