Thursday, October 13, 2011

{Sometimes your Heart Breaks for Your Kids.}

Last night Lily came to me with big tears in her eyes. . .I must confess at first I was thinking "playground drama". . .oh dear. But it wasn't "drama" it was an opportunity to teach.
Today at school Lily will have to make a choice.
#1 She will have to keep a promise and get left behind.
#2 Go with the others and be a dishonest friend.
I talked to her about doing the right thing. . . even when it hurts. . .even when its hard.
I told her it would be better to be honest and alone, that to be dishonest in a crowd.
She told me yesterday that she heard Jesus talking to her about it, "and it wouldn't go away".
"Sis, that is the Holy Spirit alive and well inside of you, and the best choice you can make is to listen and be obedient." I said.
I am so anxious to pick her up today, and my hopes are high she has made a choice that will please the Lord.
I have been meaning to share our "Fair Fish that Refuses to Die", and I think this fish is
a perfect example of how Lily might feel today. Alone.
But I hope she knows Jesus is standing right beside her holding her hand.

Sometimes your heart breaks for your kids. . .you know that feeling when the tears well up in your eyes??

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Jessica S. said...

oh my goodness, sweet baby girl. i will be praying for her til 3:05!