Saturday, October 15, 2011


The Freedom Shell Tote
Six thousand prostitutes crowded north Calcutta, India, presenting their bodies to the passersby on the streets in hopes that the degrading and dangerous work would earn them some income to live. Even though they didn’t want to sell their bodies, they knew it was their only way to pay for their next meal—until now. Today, each of the women who works with Freeset is set free: she can make and sell various tote bags through the artisan group, guaranteeing an income in an understanding community and gaining the freedom to keep her body to herself.
The Thyolo papermaking and craft shop provides work for young artisans who have lost their parents to the AIDS pandemic and who now have few other income options. The shop is diligent in using all-natural, sustainable materials to make its crafts. Artisans use proceeds from their work to finish school, to send their children to school, and even to contribute to others in need, including the elderly, widows, and AIDS patients in their communities. The artisans also donate their time to teach art to children in local schools, again using renewable materials.

We are going to have a WorldCrafts Party at our church in November.  If you are in the area you should come!  It is a wonderful opportunity to help other women and families around the world!

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