Tuesday, November 29, 2011

{A PreLit & A Treasure}

I love Christmas and every ounce of anything to do with
                             Christmas, but I haven't managed to get all my Christmas decorations up. . .
                                           and I think I might be calling it quits. with. one. tree. 
I will keep you posted. . . I couldn't find the stand for my tree.
So I had to buy. . . a prelit. . . darn.
I was loving life when The Mr. asked me if I wanted HIM to put up the
tree. Miracles. They do still happen.
I am loving my "Big & Tall Item" for the living room.
My most favoritest is the lamp light on the glass doors.
It is one of my mostest favoritest things of all in the World of Decor. . .
Lamp Light. 
I found this lamp a The Gathering Place (you know its closing in January?)
Another small gift shoppe closes its doors. . . oh so sad. Tragic, really.
The broach I added was my Grandmothers.
A Treasure. A Sweet Treasure.


Cora said...

I love that store! I hate they are closing!

Jessica S. said...

YOUR TREE IS BEAUTFIUL! and so is your sweet treasure =)