Friday, December 2, 2011

{The Switch-a-Roo}

How about some art work from my Sweet Buddy?! 
Santa is pulling his sleigh with none other than . . . lady bugs!
Oh my, pitter patter goes my heart.
Creative, huh? 
I haven't talked about my Bible Study in a bit. . .
Well, this is it! Love.Love.Love.
Who knew? Well. . .God did.
Its just a Miracle Moment every time I turn around.
God is doing some amazing things in my life. . .He is hard at work!
Introooo-duuuu-cinggg. . .Zippy Ring!
We love our Zippy Ring and this little creature is teaching
Buddy his "Sight Words"! 
He hangs in a special place (since he is), and we don't want to lose him. 
The Mr. bought the kiddos a fun project, but we haven't had a chance to
get started! Why? Because we are in The Christmas Carol, a play my church
will be performing this weekend! It is sure to be a treat. So come see me
at "Fred's Party"! I even have a line! 2 Words to be exact! 
I feel like I didn't say much about Thanksgiving. . .it was wonderful. 
I hosted it this year, and our house was full of family!
Just the way I like it.
Plenty of food and Plenty more to be thankful for.
Did you see the place cards?
Kids made those. Adorable. 
Simple Table, but highly effective. 
Well, off I go to switch-a-Roo clothes.
Washer to Dryer to Couch.
Its a game I play, often.
See ya!

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