Tuesday, November 1, 2011

{Something I read today. . .}

The idea of living in the moment is not just a left-over philosophy from the 60's.   Our ability to be stay in the moment is being eroded by many factors. And yet, we are called to connect with people. As leaders. Parents. Spouses. Congregants.

In this day of distraction, being fully present is often a challenge. It is also a gift. When we choose to stay in the moment with someone we are telling them we value them over our: agendas, to-do lists, Twitter streams, TV shows, work or worries, or whatever else may be on our mind in any given moment.

Choosing to be fully present means we not only listen but we connect. We lower our walls and allow our hearts and minds to fully engage. It’s tough at times. It’s often easier to allow our minds to wander. To keep our emotions in check and not allow ourselves to feel with another…to truly see and hear them. I think this is what “love in action” really looks like.

I can choose to serve you…by choosing to be in this moment with you.

Who can you serve this way today?

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