Sunday, November 6, 2011


I attended my very first WorldCrafts Party yesterday. 
Wow!  Women are really amazing! Really. God designed us to be and do amazing things.
Much to share about, but 
really to get to the heart-of-the-matter is simple.
I think like a Mom (because I am a Mom. . .geeze. . .), but knowing what 
it feels like to meet the needs of my children. . .
And then to imagine a Mom. . . who simply cant.
She has no money. 
I hear a child saying, "I'm hungry." or just. . . crying. 
These women are willing to do anything to survive. . .
 by purchasing their lovely creations that "anything" doesn't have to be a horrible way. 
You can still visit the website if you would like to be apart. 
It is  
a purchase
a purpose. 
B. Lensing singing was a real treat. 
There were Christmas Carols for all!

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