Tuesday, February 14, 2012

{An Annual Gig}

 We had a great time Sunday at "We love you Jo & Francis Day"!
 I think next year I will recruit some more help to decorate. . . I had
a sweet friend with me, and she was a God-Send, but WE WERE POOPED.
 I think they thoroughly enjoyed their special day! Jo kept crying, she felt
so loved and important.  Mission Accomplished.
 These two ladies make my life much easier.  They are clean freaks, and so am
I. . . I just don't have the time and they do! Wonderful!
If the Good Lord decides to leave me here another year I think I will
make this An Annual Gig.
It was fun!

P.S. Make sure people know how you feel.  Don't wait till its too late. . . 

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