Tuesday, February 14, 2012

{Tight Cheeked Mrs. Practical}

I put my husband on a plane yesterday and cried. Did I cry last time?
I think I did.  I AM WEEPY! I just didn't want him to go.
But it is a small detail in the States, and he will be back soon.
(just like his precious card says below)
I put together my own treats for the kiddos this year. Legos, Candy, and Cokes!!
Lily's Sweet Bee.

Clayton's balloon and card.
Lily's card.
I guess I missed a picture of Buddy's balloon.
The Mr. sent me these flowers.
I think it was so thoughtful of him. . . except upon review of my 
Arvest Free Checking Account.  I don't mean to steal his thunder, but. . . 
I would've bought a new outfit. . . or hats! I am horrible!
I wish every-last-fiber-of-my-being wasn't always PRACTICAL.
I might enjoy life a little more, if I didn't constantly have my butt-cheeks tightened together.
(Pardon my French)
Always going around being Mrs. Practical.
I wouldve been perfectly content with this paper-print-out confessing his love for me.
But this arrangement of bright colors and aroma of a flower shoppe
is very special and the most lovely treat.
I love Valentines Day (which I think should be pronounced Valentimes).
Love. Love. Love.
A day to express your feelings with flowers, candy, and CARDS. Cards, my favorite.
Perfection without Practicality. 


Katie said...

Beautiful flowers!

Jessica S. said...

SO sweet.... =) love it