Thursday, February 23, 2012

{Sweet Day}

The kids enjoyed their 
Valentines Day Goodies!  What do ya' know. . . Clayton's class DID pass
out "Valentines". How did I know. . . Clayton "passed" and didn't do any. 
That is just sad. and. wrong.  
Looks like they had plenty of Sweet Treats and Fun! 

We made it home with all the balloons but one. . .it slowly floated
into space from the Genos parking lot. 
Lily had fun passing out her Fun Dip Valentines. 
She has such a sweet class full of sweet girls. 
(Pardon the blur) 
Passing out Valentines is kind-of like mass chaos. . . 
Sweet Buddy.  
Here I am laggin' behind. . .3 parties. . .pooped. 
Valentines Day 2012

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Jessica S. said...

Look at that sweet baby girl's smile!! Love it!!! =) just precious.

lol i feel like i type "precious" a lot on your posts. but "precious" is the only thing I think of when I think of your sweet family. =)