Tuesday, March 20, 2012

{Happy Wet Spring Break}

My-O-My how the weather can change plans!
We had a fun camping excursion planned, but this stormy weather had other
plans for us. Stinks, but we can sniff out a good time anywhere. 
Yesterday we gave the Monkey House a visit
with a Chic-fil-A grand finale. 
The kiddos cousins are here for the week, so
we are "Spring Breakin" together. My sisters husband is on a mission trip
half way around the world (which is awesome and amazing in everyway), so
I am glad she came here.
Ben & Clayton 
 (Clayton doesnt have a black eye just appears that way in the photo) 
Lily & Kayla 
These are photos of our last day of school before Spring Break. . . 
My leg is doing much much better.  I have some crazy
knots underneath my skin?? But I am moving around great. 
The Mr. is gearing up for another trip. . .
I get my hair did Thursday, and I feel a hair cut coming on. . .
Who am I kidding?
Is it even possible that I could cut my hair?
Same ole' Same ole' for me, please.

Happy First Day of Spring Friends!!!
Happy Wet Spring Break!!!

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Jessica S. said...

great pictures...love Lily's sweet smile =)