Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I might have already blogged about these things before. . .but I cant remember, so here I go.  .  .
(Sweet treats from H. Goodwin after my surgery)
I went yesterday for my check-up.  I was still very swollen and sore.
They thought I might have a blood clot so several people looked and
did an ultrasound. . . but thank goodness. . . I don't.  They said I cant come
out of my wraps tomorrow as planned.  I really have been too sore to even
think about it anyways.  But we'll see . . . 
I am almost certain I shared with you Lily's Reading Rewards?
A time back she had her special day!
We went to Beef's and she chose the new GIRL LEGOS!
Clayton and I took off school one day to go glasses shopping, and 
(No, I didn't buy it. . . but I might. . . Someday) 
 we stopped in Ulta.  What a fun experience! Shopping for
 perfume with him tops my list of fun I have had lately.
(This was pre-surgery fun. . . of course)
 He got a tad in his eye. . . and throat. . . and nose. . .  
These are my "wraps" that are currently my Enemy #1, but
I know with God's help I will get through this!!

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