Wednesday, March 7, 2012

{Popcorn Trees & Ultrasounds}

Hello!  How are you today? 
Clayton got glasses!
He says he can see much better. . . that's always a plus.
He doesn't need them all the time, just school and reading. 
He seems to like them.
I made it just fine through my surgery, and ultrasound Tuesday looked great!
Now.  .  . time for another one!
Tomorrow.  I haven't had this procedure before. .  .and instead of
only having Xanax . . .they wrote me a RX for Valium to use in addition.
I didn't think I was that difficult? So I am wondering whats up. . .
MMMMmmm? We'll see. . . 10:30. 
Here is Liz confirming my appt. 
Ultrasound and lovely leg. Sexy, huh? 
 I don't like that word. . . sexy.
I am surprised I used it.
Look what I found on Craigslist!!!
I know y'all probably don't spend as much time looking for these as I do, so
let me just tell you they are hard to find in these parts of the woods.
This one, in all its splendor, is in NW AR.
I asked The Mr. about it and he said,
"Yes! We should definitely buy it since gas is so cheap."
Someday. Moving on. . . 
Lily started calling these trees "Popcorn Trees". 
Is that not the sweetest thing! They are so lovely to look at right now.
Full Bloom! Welcome Spring! 
We celebrated my sweet friend Jody's victory 
Tuesday at Bible Study!
She finished in 4 hr 13 min!
Did you hear me?? 
4 hours folks! So proud of her! She is a precious lady, and she
has such a heart for people. 
Good for her! She Rocks!
Well, off I go. . . to "Rock" with my gimped up leg!
Talk Soon!

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