Friday, March 9, 2012

{Toast & Tears}

Have you seen the "Grilled Cheese Pinterest Style"?
Buddy & and I tried it and it was super! 
Although, my toaster did smell like it was going to catch fire, so
I think next time I need to clean out the crumbs, maybe? 
Kids love to "cook", and it makes them feel so good 
& special when it is a success.
As a matter of fact, it makes me feel good when a dinner is a success!
That's how it is around here anyways.  I crash and burn (literally) often.
We made some for Brother and Sister too. 
Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.
I didn't do very well through my procedure.  I wasn't really up to it, and I was
still sore from last Thursday, but I carried on.

I think, but really don't know, if it was the Valium or what
but I couldn't stop crying! I was sobbing. So, nurse friends, was that it?
They had to stop twice.
I really didn't have much pain after the shots, but the "pulling" sensation
really bothered me. It is a local and I could feel the blood running
down the back of my leg. . . maybe I am just a big baby. . . but
none-the-less I am glad the Left Leg is behind me. . .
Now. . .
The Right Leg. . .to do. . . or not to do. . .
That is the QUESTION.

Talk Later!

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