Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I am not a big facebook fan, ya know?  I browse ever now and again mainly keeping my account due to a job that calls for scheduling people, and it is an avenue for folks to communicate.  It also allows me to see new babies practically the second they cut the cord.

I don't update my "status" regularly by letting people know when I go to the bathroom, burn my hand on a pan, fight with my husband, go grocery shopping, or stump my toe.

On occasion someone will "post" something that bugs me.  I fight the urge to move my thumbs over the keypad to fire back my reply. . . I remain silent.  Lucky for you, I do tend to be a tad more vocal here.

The most recent "status" that has bugged me are the "Ft Chaffee Complainers" concerning the noise.   I would like to reply. . .

That sound you hear; it is the sound of your freedom.

The Mr. boards a plane in the morning for "desert training".  

Talk Soon.


Jessica S. said...

i love your reply to those complainers, maybe i will have to make that my status...haha ;)
praying for your sweet family as the mr. goes to training. you are a strong woman my friend, and i love you dearly!

Tonia Hobbs said...

Thank you sweet Jessica!

Shannon said...

oh, my! i can hear the rumbles {no pun intended} and I too have had to stop myself from angrily pecking on my keyboard in response. really? i know it is loud. i'd much rather our guys being the ones doing it at chaffee than the alternative. love you and love your sweet family! thank the mr. from the walkers....

Emily Gordon said...

I too have to stop myself from being mean to those complainers! How rude and selfish are they!??! At least I'm not the only person that gets angry, I would probley say something on their status tho so your much stronger than me :)I actually always loved Chaffee when they worked.