Monday, May 7, 2012

{Social Sissy}

Have I been MIA or what?
I dont know. . .no real explanation. . .
Life. . . how about that? 
Miss Lily (Social Sissy) has been a busy bee!
She has improved this last 1/2 of school. . . (I had to light a little fire under her).
She. is. so. much. like. me.
No Filter.
Thinks much of what a person has to do through out the day is just unnecessary.
School is a great place to hang out with friends, and learn gymnasitics on the playground.
She loves the crafty projects that require much glue, glitter, or some-other-sort-of decor. 
Lily and Kate (her friend that started in the craddle at church) celebrate
the same birthday months. They have had much fun celebrating together.
Green & Zebra Nails.
Blue & Zebra ToeNails. 
That says "Partay", huh?
They are just so fun! 
The Mr. & I threw Lily a Camp-a-Looza Party. . .
Can I get an "AMEN!!" that camping is WORK. . .
I guess I havent figured out the secret just yet. . .
Go to Wal-Mart and spend an unGodly amount of money on food & snacks.
Pack up clothes.
Pack up the car.
Drive to a secluded, wooded, snakey looking area.
Pitch tent.
Start Cooking.
Get really hot & smokey.
Go to sleep on the ground with your hot, smokey self.
and then. . . wake up feeling like you have been in a car accident?!? 
Okay. . . next time. . .I will get an air mattress. 
 I refuse to forgo the food or smokiness, but my next camping experience will
be more like "Glamping". . . somehow?!
This camp out was in our back yard so it eliminated much of the above.
AND it was a BLAST (I just needed two days to recover).
 I think Lily had a great time! 
Lily and Mackenzie
(See my blazing campfire on the table? So fun!) 
I will post more party photos later, but I just needed to get started somewhere!
Talk Soon!
Love, Tonia

(I cant get my "spell check" to work, so Grammar
Police "serve and correct", please take the day off)


Katie said...

ok that little campfire is adorable! I am putting this in my memory for the future ;)

Jessica S. said...

i agree with Katie! I love the whole camping bday idea! so fun! and i love the most that it was in your backyard!