Thursday, May 17, 2012

{Boy on a Purple Scooter}

I have a headache today. . . not sure why. I don't get headaches
very often.  I put together (I had help) a baby swing this morning for
the nursery. . . maybe that is why. I must say they make swings that plug-in now!
I thought I would share some more photos of my "Farm Day."
I am a tad confused on my photos because I have photos from my phone, church
camera, and my camera. . . so I really don't know what I have shared at this point.
Although most of these photos appear to be "Instagram-d" or "poor quality".
Just for the record. . . Buddy caught the fish. 
 That was very important to him. 
Here he is.
The Baby.
Embarking on his last week of K.
Lord, somebody get me a stretcher.
This is tough on me.
The kid has already pulled his first 2 teeth all by himself.
This "growing up" thing isn't phasing him a bit. 
Lily continues to do well with her braces.
I was sad to hear about Dr Harper's house catching fire.
(a portion of the 17,000 sq feet). None-the-less
I am certain it was a frightening day for them and
I am thankful nobody was hurt.
He is a great orthodontist. 
She went for Beach Colors on the rubber bands this time.
Green & Teal.  That's my girl.

Speaking of the beach. . . you know where I think I want to go?
Savannah, Georgia.
I want to see the plantation houses, and eat at Paula Deens restaurant, of course.
15 hours 57 minutes according to my MapQuest.
Y'all ever been??
Time to start thinking about Teacher Gifts?
I mean my kids had the most amazing teachers this year!
Mrs. Beck!!
Mrs. Robbins!!!
Mrs. Cox!!!!
Geese. . . what do I give them . . . my right arm??
Y'all have any ideas??
(My sister received the below from one of her moms at her school in TX) 
Afternoon fun on his bike. 
K PTO Program
"Bunny Boogie"
(Pitter Patter goes my heart) 

I haven't been able to talk to The Mr.  I got out of my car a split second Monday and. . .
missed his call! I left my phone in the car at church last night and. . . missed his call.
I suppose the man is okay.
(This photo is from the Death March) 
Afternoon fun. Boy on Purple Scooter. 
There we go. . . Sweet Girls on Purple Scooter. 
Have a good day!
Talk Soon!

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Katie said...

Love the pictures!! Hope you are doing well, I miss your face!