Tuesday, July 31, 2012

{Doing TJ in the Heat.}

No phone calls from camp.
I am not sure whether to be glad or sad.
More glad, I suppose.
My Bible Study was cancelled due to my sweet friend being ill.
So, I went to the gym.
Like everyday.
Then I decided to do a little TJ.
I bought nothing.
Except a pump soap for my bathroom.  Boring, I know.
But on occasion I go there and see absolutely nothing I cant live without.
I can almost be certain the next time I go. . .I will want (need, of course) everything I see.
That's the way TJ works. Its just a Crazy Good Store that way.
Had some Chic fil A.  Love.
I also love the fact that Mr. Chic fil A took a stand. . . and didn't later apologize.
That's seems to be the new norm.
State what you believe.
Tick People off.
Apologize the next morning.
No apology needed Mr. Chick fil A.
And to celebrate I had fries instead of fruit.
I considered doing a Facebook Police Post . . . but I changed my mind.
You know that's what I do.
I see things that should be criminal, raise an eyebrow, say nothing, and continue to scroll.
A recent status stating something to the effect of "getting my conceal and carry license today!!"
 . . .pretty much cracked me up. I wouldn't exactly call that announcement "concealed". 
If I am toting a weapon. You wont know.
And neither will anyone else.
Thus.The.Name. Conceal and Carry. 
Gun Giddy Girls make me nervous. Boys too, for that matter.
Arent the Olympics great?  I love them. 
The Mr. is going back to college. . .did y'all know? No? Dont feel bad. Neither did I.
Surprise! Full Load. Starts August 20 something.
I mean. . . he did mention it . . a time or two . . .but today he mentioned books and money.
So its real!
I am ready for FALL. This weather makes me cranky.  Everything is hot. 
I will be happy when I drive by Sharums and see mums and pumpkins.
My little Lily has cheer camp this Saturday.
My little Buddy has a birthday party this Friday night.
My little Clayton will get a T Shirt and a hose off from our local fire dept on Thurs.
Good Times.
Summer is rolling . . .on . . .by. . .

Talk Later.

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Katie said...

I am loving your little blips of info! So fun!