Monday, July 30, 2012

{My Months, Weeks, Days, Hours. . .}

I put two of my babies on a bus to church camp today. I really hope my baby boy is sound asleep right now.
I miss them already.
I have done some back to school shopping.
No school supplies. . . yet.  I cant get motivated to even look at the list.
I have been a busy bee with my work.
I am tired.
We took a short little trip to Branson Saturday.
I really like to shop at that Tanger Outlet.
I had the best meal of my life at Olive Garden last week.
I was super hungry.
I have been swimming. Love.
All the laundry on my couch is folded.
It will remain on the couch for a bit.
Its not hurting anyone.
I switched from Tide to Gain.
I will go back, but I like the smell of Gain at the moment.
Doing a White Load as I peck. White Loads are my most favorite.
Clean White T Shirts. Love.
FasDogs. Almost over.  Clayton has loved it. Good Choice. Football practice. . .is here.
Bible Study Tomorrow.
Flowers on the porch are growing just lovely.
Lily gets her braces off next month.
The Mr. had a root canal the other day.
I bought a desk.
I am ready for The Lucky One to come out on DVD. August 29th? 28? btw.
I am in love with Yogurt.
My little Lily looks like a young lady.
My litte Clayton is a pre teen. no doubt.
My little Carson is going to be in the 1st grade. . .he has only wore a cape 1 time this summer.
I remember the day. Super Hero Days are just about a thing of the past at this house.
It is a sad day.
Time for bed.
This post needs pictures.  I have one for almost every snippet.
Maybe later. . .
Talk more soon.

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Mom2Three said...

Well this post almost made me had me at only one cape this summer.... this time of year is depressing to me, I enjoy having my little ones around the house "most" days, wink, wink...