Sunday, July 15, 2012

{Just tell them.}

Hello my Sweets! Summer is inching closer to being over. . .
(Pardon the photo quality. . .)
We celebrated our End of Season with some swimming. . .
and cookie cake, thus the face.
We have been "dog-sitting" these past couple of weeks.
Okay, I just thought I was a good mom.  All you moms out there that allow
your kiddos to have dogs. . .y'all are the real deal. Me. No.
I love the idea of having a dog. BUT. . .they are crazy insane work.
So here is KUDDOS to all my dog ownin' moms.
This past week was Art Camp.  These two had an absolute blast.
Kids Art. One of my most favorite things. Now. . .if I only had it displayed in my house.
Miss Lily  headed to an American Girl Birthday Party
this weekend.  Her and McKenna had a great time!
Mr. Clayton is doing FASDOGS. He wasnt going to but
after a rush morning change of plans. . . he was signed up.
Let me just say what I am sure all you good mothers already know. . .

Kids dont always need options.
They just need told.

Have a great week!

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Katie said...

JUST what I needed to hear about dogs! Thank you for that and I love the art, too cute!