Thursday, August 30, 2012

{Me and The Door}

Hello Sweet Friends, my precious mother has been painting her house.
She chose a lovely color called "Outer Banks".  Doesn't surprise me one
bit because I think that is her favorite place on Earth. 
Yesterday she had a little mishap. . . let me just say interior paint on the exterior.
See what I'm sayin'??  Oh.My.Word.  That describes my week to a "T"!!!  C-R-A-Z-Y.
I have felt literal pressure on my chest.  I have been having to do breathing exercises.
I have been clinging to the promises of my dear Lord. . .that soft-back-leather-bound-book that "helps me hang on". . .in lieu of something fruity & frozen. I don't drink. I am dangerous enough as it is.
Alcohol would make me criminal.  I just know it!
Switching gears (slowly and checking all my mirrors). . . I
took this sweet girl yesterday to get her braces off. 
Just girl time. I love girl time with Lily.
  She is such a honey. 
Here we are before. . . 
And look at us now! 
Oh my stars! What a difference.  I am just delighted for her. 
With a turn-out like that you need Chick-fil-A and ice-cream. 
Oh, what a good time we had. 
Today I have been back here. Today was "shop for the best deal" on TVs Day.
I have hunted high and low.
Went to stores. . .
I bought online. Done. 
Hopefully in route soon. I grabbed a 40" online. Why do 32"?
Go big or Go home.  .  .Speaking of home. . .
This week during all my "Life Experiences" that have caused me to want to hide
 I dug up a book I read once.  This is what it said,

When Satan, the World, and your own hurt feelings say, "Stay at home; it ain't worth it!"
God has a better plan: Just show up.  That's what the faithful do.  They keep showing up.

That is me.
Keeping on Keeping on.

Today is my Sweet Baby Boys Birthday!
Happy 7 Son!

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