Wednesday, August 29, 2012

{School is Cool}

Hello! The opening of our new 2 year old wing at church is coming along! I am
so thankful we have been able to do this!  2's turning 3 are very unique creatures.
They are too old for nursery. . . but yet not quite old enough for preschool.
This space is going to be just for them! Perfect.
Angela L. helped me pick out the perfect yellow for our "Big City"
and we are getting closer and closer to being finished! Whew! 
The kiddos first day of school was a success.
Lily- Mrs. Hale
Clayton-Mrs. Cumbie
Carson-Mrs. Amy Barker
All fabulous teachers! 
Clayton catches the shuttle bus at North Main at around 7:25 then
I take Lily and Buddy to Westwood.
Its working out great! 
Carson big 1st Grader! 
Clayton 6th grade.  Where did my baby boy go??
Lily 4th grade!  
The first day they all went but the 2nd day was "girls only", so
I was able to spend the day with Buddy. 
He rode the trail with me while I walked.
Just like old times. . . Me & Buddy. 
Little Boy doing Little Boy things. 
Football is going great! Clayton is playing "Safety". . . I think.
He seems to be having fun!
Our team is doing well together. . . I think.
The Mr. does most of the football action. 
Cheer! I love Cheer!
It has been so much fun for me and Sis!
She is having to work really hard since we
didn't cheer last year, but a little hard work never
hurt anyone. 
Kick-Off was Monday Night and they performed their dance
and she did really great! 
Friends. Sweet Friends.

Talk More Soon!
Have a great day!
Go Dogs Go!!!

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Katie said...

Love your posts about your kiddos! So cute!